Simeon Baker is a solo acoustic musician predominantly known for his Percussive Guitar ‘Lap Tap’ style. He cut his teeth busking in Adelaide’s iconic Rundle Mall and playing regular gigs at open mic nights and music venues around Adelaide Australia.

At age 18, he left his home in Australia on a one-way ticket to London Uk to bring his music to a new audience in Europe. Over the past six years, Simeon has performed all over Europe at iconic festivals such as Glastonbury Festival and The Edinburgh Fringe Uk, plus festivals and shows in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium France, Italy, Spain, and Australia.

Besides performing, Simeon also creates video courses in which he teaches his style of percussive guitar. He also has a passion for photography which sees him traveling the world working with tourism boards and photographing the places he goes to.


St Gallen - Switzerland 2018