Percussive Guitar Lesson

Simeon Baker

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11 sections and over 1.5-hour long lesson, with Simeon Baker teaching percussive guitar playing and all the techniques you need to start playing this style of guitar.

We will cover different techniques like percussion, tapping, harmonics, open tunings and chords step by step so that you can understand them, and make music with them. Plus I break down how I have incorporated percussive guitar with some songs to help you use these techniques in your own playing and songs.

I’ve aimed this course for beginner level guitar players or for those who have been for longer but want to start playing more percussive guitar. 

11 videos with an overall running time of over 1.5 hours

  • 11 videos with an overall running time of over 1.5 hours
  • Tabs in PDF
  • Learn all techniques essential for adding percussive elements to your playing
  • Step By Step Breakdowns of percussive arrangement ideas of ‘Superstition – Steve Wonder’ and ‘Apologize – One Republic”
  • Playable on any acoustic guitar
  • Digital Download so you can learn in your own time where ever.

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